how to install MailWizz – Step-by-Step Mailwizz installation

how to install MailWizz - Step-by-Step Mailwizz installation

In the age of internet-based marketing, effective and reliable tools for marketing via email are crucial to reaching out to your targeted market. Mailwizz is a tool that stands out because of its ease of use and low cost, in addition to the numerous functions it offers. There is no limit to the features it offers. you’re a mid-sized or small blog owner, a blogger or skillful in marketing or a highly-qualified, Mailwizz can benefit from building, publish,ing and tracking them with ease. If you’re novice to Mailwizz and you’re wondering where to get started, you’re at the right place. In this article, I’ll guide you through the process of how to install MailWizz – Step-by-Step Mailwizz installation using a series of straightforward steps.

how to install MailWizz - Step-by-Step Mailwizz installation
how to install MailWizz – Step-by-Step Mailwizz installation

##Why Choose Mailwizz?

Before we get into the setting process on how to install MailWizz – Step-by-Step Mailwizz installation, we’ll explain briefly why we believe that Mailwizz the desirable choice for users like you. Mailwizz isn’t only an email marketing tool. It’s a comprehensive tool that’s specifically designed to meet the requirements for all kinds of users including novices to expert marketers. The user-friendly interface, paired with robust tools such as the administration of lists, tracking campaigns, as also autoresponders, makes an excellent option for anyone looking to increase their sales through emails.

The procedure of choosing the right option for your marketing emails could feel like you’re lost in an endless maze of numerous options that offer a variety of advantages and features. Mailwizz stands above the rest because of a myriad of reasons that make it a compelling option for both businesses and individuals alike. This is why Mailwizz is an ideal solution to meet your needs for email marketing:


A single of the most significant advantages of Mailwizz is its value. Contrary to numerous other companies for email marketing with monthly fees depending on the number of subscribers or messages delivered, Mailwizz offers a one-time cost for purchases. The model will result in substantial savings for companies that are growing and having growing maillists. The initial expenditure of Mailwizz provides access to the services it provides and you do not need to worry about the cost of rising when the subscriber list grows.

Flexibility and Customization

Mailwizz stands out because of its versatility and customization. It’s built for everyone from novice to experienced, with an intuitive interface that makes managing campaigns simple and allows greater personalization and integration for users that require the. It doesn’t need to be a problem if you’re looking for simple emails or complex automated campaigns. Mailwizz provides the capability to modify your marketing campaign to meet your individual preferences.

Comprehensive Features

Mailwizz comes with a variety of powerful functions that will help you improve your email marketing. From segmentation and management of lists to extensive analysis and report writing and reporting the program has everything to create and send out, as well as evaluate effective marketing emails. Modern features like autoresponders, A/B testing along with integrations to third party service providers like SMTP service providers and payment gateways provide an incredibly flexible software that can adapt to changes in the marketing industry.

User-Friendly Interface

Despite the numerous choices, Mailwizz boasts a user-friendly interface, which makes marketing via email effortless for all. The clear and easy-to-use interface means anyone who is new to email marketing can effortlessly create campaigns and then analyze their reports, without an arduous learning steepness. Its focus on user-friendliness allows users to concentrate on making compelling material rather than navigating an endless array of applications.

Strong Community and Support

The decision to choose the perfect email marketing platform will not only be based on the platform but also on the service and the support it comes the application. Mailwizz provides great customer service as well as a large users community. In case you need assistance in solving problems, are searching for guidance on how to maximize your advertising via email, or want to explore an extension that is custom-designed or custom-built, the Mailwizz community Mailwizz community and help desk is a fantastic source to benefit users reap their benefits.

Privacy and Control

Are you concerned about security and data security, Mailwizz offers a compelling benefits. Because it’s self-hosted, it gives you complete control over your data that it stores. The autonomy it provides lets you guarantee the information of your subscribers are handled in accordance with security standards and rules that are a vital feature in our digitally connected world.

Integration and Scalability

and lastly, Mailwizz is designed to improve as you expand your company. Its flexible design can manage everything from small lists to huge subscriber lists, and without a pause. In addition its API as well as a range different integration options warrant that in the event that your business expands and adapts to new technologies, Mailwizz can seamlessly fit into your existing system to warrant that the campaigns your company sends out are productive and fully integrated.

In the end, Mailwizz stands out as an extremely flexible, complete and cost-effective mail marketing solution. Its combination of powerful features, a friendly interfaces and the capacity to regulate data make it a great opportunity for individuals as well as firms looking to boost their potential with marketing via email. It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to the industry or want to expand your methods of marketing via email, Mailwizz provides a comprehensive set of tools designed to assist you in connecting with your targeted customers with effective methods.

how to install MailWizz – Step-by-Step Mailwizz installation

Mailwizz installation is easy, however it will require some knowledge of hosting websites and the management of domains. Do not worry, I’ll walk you through each process with great detail. What we’ll talk about:

1. **Preparation**

2. **Uploading Mailwizz files**

3. Create a database

4. *Running the installation script*

5. Finalizing the configuration

Step 1: Preparation

To begin with, you’ll need an account with a domain along with hosting accounts. If you don’t have both this is the best opportunity to create them. There are enough hosting companies that are available. Choose one that is accurate suited to your budget and needs, you can use namecheap. After you’ve established your account, make sure it’s in accordance with the rules of the Mailwizz system:

* PHP Version 7.2 or greater

* MySQL Version 5.5 or greater

access to cron plans to create job openings

Allows you to control forwarding emails (for handling bounces as well as feedback loops)

Step 2: Uploading Mailwizz Files

Download the file from your PC.

Utilize the FTP client (like FileZilla) to connect to your hosting account.

Once you’ve bought Mailwizz, it will mail you a zip file that contains all the necessary installation files. How to upload them to your server

Enter the directory root of your domain (usually called public_html or simply www).

Upload all documents in the Mailwizz zip folder into in the directories.

Step 3: Creating a Database

Mailwizz needs the use of a database in order to keep the track of all information. Here’s how you can build one:

Log into the control panel of your hosting account (cPanel, Plesk, etc. ).

Search for it under the “Databases” section and choose “MySQL Databases” or a similar option.

Set up a database and then note down the name of the database.

create a new MySQL user. When you join it in your database. Be certain to note the username, as well as your password.

Step 4: Running the Installation Script

Once you’ve uploaded your file and establishing your database will be the perfect time to run the installation script:

– Open your web browser and go to your domain (e.g., ``).

It should redirect your browser to Mailwizz Installation script. If it doesn’t, try accessing ``.

Follow the directions on the screen. Then, you’ll be required to accept the licence, go through the requirements of the system, input the details of your database and create an administrator account.

### Step 5: Finalizing the Setup

Once the installation is done, then you’ll need set up the cron task as well as change the permissions of certain the files you want to access:

Install the necessary mailwizz jobs to be compatible with the document. It is generally a matter adding a few lines to the section cron jobs of your hosting control panel.

Make sure that the directories for apps as well as the frontend are available to write. The script to install will prompt you to alter the settings if you haven’t already done it.

Wrapping Up

Congrats! You’ve added Mailwizz on your server. Now is the time to start creating your own marketing campaigns, and interact with your customers like never before. The interface for Mailwizz is easy to use and simple. Therefore, take your time looking around and familiarize yourself with all the tools that it offers.

Installing Mailwizz can be an intimidating process at first, especially when you’re unfamiliar with hosting or databases on the internet. But, using these steps, you’ll have the ability to make your tool for marketing that works with email in an hour. Keep in your mind that the time and energy put into creating an effective mail marketing tool like Mailwizz will greatly increase the efficiency of your marketing as well as will benefit in strengthening connections with your public.

If you are combining Mailwizz to the first occasion, don’t hesitate to experiment with different strategies and keep track of your results. Marketing through emails is as much an artform as it is a science, and Mailwizz provides the tools needed for each. Happy emailing!